Multi-Fold Doors

The multi-fold door – the door to extend the interior to the exterior and bring a new perspective to everyday living and working.

The multi-fold door boasts superior design and engineering to complement outstanding versatility.

Panels can be connected in a number of configurations so that the doors can be bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. This is ideal for connecting any rooms in the house or the house to the garden outside, where they provide additional natural light to the room. The door concertinas smoothly and is remarkably easy to open.

Our multi-fold doors have been subject to vigorous in-house testing to ensure they are able to endure all weather conditions.

Bi-fold and multi-fold doors are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications as they create openings and partitions. They can be an alternative to French and Patio Doors, but can also be used in conjunction with them to accentuate open plan living.

Multi-fold doors are available in white, mahogany and golden oak finishes to meet individual tastes.