Our high quality installations are designed by REHAU. Specialising in design, the company doesn't make or install them, preferring to leave all that to specialists, such as ourselves.

However, by choosing an installation made with REHAU PVC-U profiles, you're guaranteed a product of very high quality that will blend perfectly with your home.

Why PVC-U?

Most people are familiar with the benefits that PVC-U brings to the home improvements market , such as extra warmth, draught and sound proofing, not to mention longer lasting performance than that provided by other materials.

But our installations stand out from the rest. We use REHAU profiles because we want to be able to offer the widest possible range of high quality, slim profile units to suit all types of properties.

Fire retardant

REHAU PVC-U is self-extinguishing and will not burn unless exposed to a powerful and continuous heat source.

Fit & Forget

You really couldn't get anything requiring less maintainance than our installations! Thye don't need painting, so they don't warp, flake or peel. Just occasionally oil the hinges and locks and gently rub the PVC-U frames over with a mild detergent to keep them at their best.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

PCV-U is a very poor conductor of heat and makes an excellent insulator. In the construction industry, a material's U-value measures its ability to insulate, the the lower the value, the better. A typical old single glazed window has a U-value of maybe 4.4W/m²K. REHAU frames have been tested and proven to have a U-value of 2.6W/m²K meaning our frames keep in nearly 60% more heat.


Under test, double glazed windows made with REHAU profiles achieve a rating of 30-40dB (decibels). Typical ambient sound measures around 60dB in suburban conditions, so the windows in your new installation will more than halve the noise, allowing you to relax undisturbed.

Quality through Time & Experience

REHAU, one of Europe's leading polymer producers, has been manufacturing profiles for PVC-U installations for over 40 years. No other European PVC-U system manufacturer has anything like the breadth of experience. REHAU's expertise in the field of window design and PVC-U technology comes from manufacturing a vast range of polymer products, from car bumpers to artificial heart valves.

Fully Certified

In addition to in-house tests, all REHAU systems are tested by independent bodies such as the British Standards Institute (BSI) & British Board of Agrément (BBA). Quality control is paramount with all factories operating to EN ISO 9001 (formerly BS 5750).

Security & Safety

With a high percentage of burglaries committed by opportunists on easy targets, no home owner nowadays can afford to neglect basic security precautions. With our systems, you can choose your own level of security to incorporate the latest locking systems. We will be able to provide you with details on a full range of security systems.

Toughened glass (complying with British Standard) is used for all glazing under 800mm from floor level for extra strength and for your peace of mind.

No More Draughts

Our systems keep warmth in and weather out. With REHAU profiles, the latest sealing technology and modern sealed double glazing units, you can expect an end to draughts.

Glazing Options

The diverse range of our glazing options means you can really reflect your individual style and personality in your installation. Whether you want leaded Georgian, clear, patterned or stained glass, we can help you choose the right look for your home & budget.

Made In The UK for The UK

Designed specifically for the UK market's variable weather conditions, to exacting German engineering standards. REHAU profiles are manufactured in North Wales.